sauna and sunbeds at Fields Fitness


After you’ve finished your workout, why not head to the sauna or sunbeds to relax and unwind. All our members receive two free sunbeds a month, free health-checks, free towel service & free use of the creche whilst using the Fields.

The Fields Sauna

Relax sore & tired muscles, sweat out toxins and de-stress in a hot sauna. Feel the benefits as the sauna opens the skin’s pores and helps the body to remove toxins and other impurities. Enjoy some much deserved ‘me-time' where you can escape the world and spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating.

Sauna at Fields Fitness
Sunbeds at Fields Fitness

The Fields Sunbeds

Alternatively, get Beach-Ready with our sunbeds using the latest powerful horizontal tanning units.

Perfect for a post-workout relaxation session, our sunbeds are all high-quality and built to provide you with a calming escape from the stresses of everyday life.

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